Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rock. Sleep. Cry.


Little Beaner Toot was NOT happy about mommy trying to change her sleep situation!

So, the usual plan is this (when I say usual, I mean it is the same action night to night down to the way I whisper in her ear to how I gently lay her in the crib)… One or both of us bath her/Prepare her for bed. I then sit in the rocking chair with LB. She lays on the Boppy (nursing pillow i could not live with out) as I follow the same night time ritual to get her to fall fast asleep. I sometimes need to pull out an array of creative tricks to seal the deal but for the most part, this is the way the first part of the evening goes.

Bean will typically wake any time between midnight to 3AM. At this time she just whines a little, one of us will go to get her and bring her in the bed (king size thank goodness) with us and she nurses to sleep. She will often times wake one-three more times through out the night (can not be specific because most of the time I don’t even remember) to nurse. We have been fine with this schedule/night ritual/sleep plan. Whatever you want to call it. Until the last week, I explained last night.

As I went into her room last night, I found Toot in crawling position waiting calmly for me to pick her up, change her and bring her in my room. But this time, after the diaper change, I sat down in her rocker and tried the new plan. … Uh… I wish I had a camera on her at this moment. Lo looked at me (did not even start to nurse yet) and just stared into my eyes. Her hands loosely together fidgeting, eyes stuck on my every movement, this little girl wanted to know “why the hell are we sitting here and not going into OUR bed?”

This lasted for what seemed like 20 minutes. She finally nursed. Fell fast asleep and I stood up, placed her sweet little fat ass into her bed. NOPE. She was not having that.

Kick (not sleep)
HER bed
OUR bed
SLEEP……Finally FUCK.

She then slept the night away until the morning.

Now, what is my plan tonight?
I have no damn clue.
Any suggestions?

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sleep weaning & sleep training?

If you have spoken with husband or my self, you know that LB sleeps in her bed from 8ish until anywhere from midnight to 3AM. He & I like her in our bed after this first wake of hers. We enjoy her laying with us for some of the night. We love knowing she is safe. We love mornings waking with her next to us. We love to hear her little breath in between us.

But there is this little problem...
(is she fucking serious, ((my question @ 4AM) )She has began waking up in the middle of the night screamingcryingpissing(the pissed off kind)fussing the last week and it is really starting to test my patience and creating anger within my body.

I suppose it is time to sleep train/night wean. (I admit while I quietly weep inside)

I am not sure if I am really ready for this. At the same time, I am really in the need of sleep for longer than three hours at a time. I'm torn. (trying to be less dramatic)

I think it is going to be along night.

To husband, please forgive me. I will be a BITCH and short tempered the next few days due to lack of sleep.

To drivers on the road, be glad you can not hear my profanity from the inside of my car. I WILL be cursing you.

To any one in contact with me in the next few days. Please be patient, I will HATE you and all your short comings without forgiveness.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ten reasons why I love Husband

There are many more reasons; this is just the ten of the moment.

1. He Supports me in ANYTHING I want to do.
Weather I want to learn to sew, play the piano, attempt to garden, grow my hair out, try this blogging thing, get thin, learn about wine or become a doctor, he will tell me “Go for it Baby”. All the while cheering me on and supporting me in any way he can. He says “anything that keeps you busy and happy, I’m all for it”. I love him for that.

2. He makes me a better woman/mom/wife.
When I meet him I didn’t recognize my self anymore. His meaning and morality surprised me. I didn’t think there were humans like him. Because of him, today I am proud of my choices, my mothering, and my ability to be a good wife. It is my daily goal to be a better woman/wife/mother. He thinks I’m doing a ‘hell of a job” and so do I. I recognize my self today. I love him for that.

3. He calls me HOT STUFF.
Husband likes to tell me when he thinks I look good. This encourages me to stay healthy, get up and put me self together for the day, & try to look good for him. I want him to find me attractive till we leave this place. The more he tells me he likes what he sees, the better I feel about my self. I love him for that.

4. He loves his mother.
We all know the saying. “How a man treats his mother is a good sign how he will treat you.” Husband loves and respects his Mama as well as each of his family members. I have fallen in love with his family bond. It would be lovely for all families to be like his. I love him for this.

5. He shares my love in nutrition & cooking.
(Even if he does eat animals)
Some would say my idea of how we should cook for our families is “high maintenance”. (He might even say that, ha) Yet he thrives to cook a meal every night of the week like I do. He gets excited on the weekend thinking and researching the tasty meals we will cook. That is so sexy. To watch this man from start to finish attempt to keep the kitchen clean, (because that is the way I like it) to attempt to master time management in hopes to have each component be ready at just the right time, to see him cooking for me and for our family is simply lovely. I love him for this.

6. He keeps his hair long and keeps permanent facial hair because I love it.
The fact that Husband does things because “I like it” makes me smile. I love love love his long hair. It is just a HOT MESS. I love his face with scruff. And he hasn’t cut it since the day I told him this. Now that is love in this fucking Texas heat. I love him for this.

7. He looks hot doing a push-up.
Husband likes to stay in shape. This naturally attracts me to him. I like to watch him do push-ups. His arms & back are sexy. I love that he works out. I wish I could watch him body build all day…. Psh.. ok, that would be a little gay. But it is nice to watch him do push-ups. ☺ I love him because of this.

8. He opens the car door for me EVERY time.
This man is old school. (In the good way) He is not so traditional that it gets degrading; it is just the right amount. He loves that I make him coffee every morning, that I do the laundry, that I am home when he comes home and I love that he opens my door, takes out the trash and gets bugs out of the house. I love him for this.

9. He has NEVER been disrespectful to me.
Husband should write the damn manual on “How to be a Man & How to love your wife. He NEVER yells at me. He NEVER says anything nasty to me. He NEVER gives me an unkind eye. He NEVER looses his cool with me. He simply loves me. And it shows in every word, every kiss, and every action he takes. This is just amazing to me and it might just be why I married him. (Well, reason number one.)

10. His name is Jim.
Jim & Jenn. It sounds good together right. Ha. Yep. Duh.

I love Husband.

Ps. Lola Beaner Toot just took the biggest shit of her life so I need to go tend to that.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Only child syndrome.

I would like to know more mothers that have had more than one child. I NEVER thought about "age difference" when I was thinking of planning a family. But then, i'm not much into family planning. (obviously the current until the next one) I wish I could talk to another few families who have more than one and that have a significant age gap. I guess I need some sort of training.

Time Management - Check
Figuring out her naps - Check
Night time - Check ( one day needs to be adjusted)
Sissy bonding - Check
How to spend our days - Check
How to deal with Only Child Syndrome - I need a fucking manual/tutor/trainer/nanny/book/clone/whateverelseyoucansuggest

Giselle is graceful (most of the time). She will gently let me know she is tired of bean being awake. "Can she take two naps at a time?" or "Can we have Nay Nay Baby watch her today?" She will share her feelings in a kind manner. But she has THOSE feelings. She desires "mommy and me" time EVERY day.

I want to give that to her. But I want her to get used to being a sissy. I am ready for her to understand that there WILL be naps. There WILL be feedings. She WILL need to learn how to entertain her self as I need to put her to bed.

I read Mrs. Wolf's blog all the fucking time. I love her mothering style. I love how adorable Fable is. I love her honesty and experiences that are raw and similar to my life and struggles I can relate to... She has two children, but not the age difference I have. She talked about the guilt of a second child. And I have it. I would love to talk to other moms about how they handled this. And how long it lasted. I want to be there for Giselle like I used to be. But at the same time, take great care of Lola. I want to help Giselle with this transition as well as get help with this situation. There is a bigger age difference than just a couple years. She is a good girl. Don't get me wrong. She tries to be graceful about her suggestions and she NEVER has and evil/hurtful actions toward her sister. I just want to know what to do from here. I want to finish this summer with a bank. Keeping her busy, keeping it fun, and having us time.

Oh, secong children. I feel sorry for you. Tell me how you adjusted. (even though I was a second child, i don't remember that shit) Please.
What is the best age to bring another child into your family. We need to begin that planning.

Below is a video about Beaner Toot.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

wouldn't you like to know

Good day. (in aussie accent)

Beaner Toot is evolving at such a rapid rate this past month.

Things that have changed:
She can pull up to a standing position if holding onto support.
She can now get in the "crawl" position. (has yet to make the first real move)
She isn't a laughy girl, but she will screech till your ear drum bursts.
She enjoys being read to.
She falls asleep now facing sideways in a seated position with her head rested on my chest. (so adorable, ugh)

Things that are not changing:
She still isnt a fan of her stroller for a long period of time.
She HATES me walking out of the room.
Has perma-smile.
Sports the biggest blue eyes on the face of this planet.
Can make any old person melt.
Still loves to eat phones.
She makes music by blowing bubbles that makes me giggle.

Well, we miss sweet priss in this house. She has been gone for five days with her aunt in Destin. She is driving home as I type. We are excited for her to return. She was surely home sick. Is there a term for me missing her that is similar to "home sick"? (other than i miss her)

I have been doing a few design projects. It feels good to get back in the game. Since Lo entered this world, I have been on hiatus. I have been spending a lot of time catching up on current new award wining sites and brainstorming. It feels good.

So much more to say, but beaner toot just woke up. Stay tuned...

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