Monday, February 9, 2009

jim is just jim. and i teach lo the bird.

daddy discovers that our macbook can create video.....
and i get a little testy...
then, jim is .....well, just jim.

what boredome brings

from 9-6 we must find something to do. this is not easy some days. days like today. i did some laundry, searched the internet, updated my twitter, spent all the internet time lola would allow. lola and i sang, she ate, she poo'd 13 times. i ate hummus and cheese. i took a million photos of her and a video. we took willie on a walk.
it was a nasty day. what do all you mothers of infants do to keep you busy? i remember with giselle, there were so many things to do once she was a little older. but at this age, what the fuck am i supposed to do all day. she requires my full atention. if i try to do laundry or clean the house while she is awake, i am punnished by her yelling at me. i could do it while she sleeps, but some times she falls asleep on me. what do i do then? do i move her? i know 80% of the time i move her, she will wake and my free time is inturupted. i think i sat in the same spot today while she slept on me for about three hours. well, maybe not that long, but almost.
i want to find constructive interaction ideas that are at little or no cost. i created a walking group. but there are often reasons why we can not all make it. i would like to hear what other moms do at this stage in thier motherhood.
tell me.