Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Riddance Summer

There is something evil or for better words, transformative of summer time. is that a word?

Giselle was a great little sister before school let out. She some what ignored the fact she had a sister. When summer break began, it was an entire new ball park. 24 hours a day with sissy might have been a little too much. Something changed. Giselle began to need for me to "watch me, watch me" for every little insignificant movement she made. Don't get me wrong. She is an amaizinglysmartbeautifulcreativethoughtfulinovativeintuitive little girl. I adore her. And she is my lovely. I also will preface that, humbly, I admit I looked down on the mothers that begged for summer to be over due to the fact they were tired of their kids. I used to think "You fucking bitches, summer is the time to play and spend non-stop with your child. Why would you hate summer?" But I must say, I understand you now. And..... I am sorry for judging you. Let me explain. I LOVE spending any time with Giselle AND Lola Bean. However, this summer had a new effect on the first born than I have ever seen. She became needy of time, attention, exciting emotion, praise and anything that falls under that umbrella. I am an aware parent. I did not want Giselle to think she was less important. I paid plenty of attention of Priss to be sure I didn't no favor the "NEW" child.

No matter how hard I worked, it didn't matter. Summer came and FUCKED it all up.

Now school is back. Giselle is back. She has become the Best Sister I could ask for. She ADORES Lola. Now Priss WANTS to help. She plays with her. She watches her. She keeps an eye on her. She is fitting into the Big Sister role that I hoped for. While not compromising her individualism or independence.

Please let me thank Jim, Brandon, Our family, and every one that makes it possible for Giselle to attend this school. I believe this is our ticket to the best education Giselle could get. It is best for her. She loves it. We love it. Maybe one day Lola can excel with it.

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