Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lake House

We spent the weekend with my best lady friends at a Lakehouse!
This place was great! I suggest everyone gather your closest friends and take a trip. Giselle didn't get to come this time. But we will be going to Palestine in three weeks and South Padre in July. I am thankful the girls were able to spend some time with Lola. I am also happy to spend some much needed time with the ladies. I'm excited to get to know their significant others better and for them to get to know Jim.
Please enjoy our photos.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Times are a changin

Things have changed so much with this little bean girl.
Her head is so much bigger.
She falls asleep in a new way.
She wont sleep in "baby cradle." She likes to face outward.
She is content with her self for longer now.
She will sit in a bouncer or on the bed for a minute longer.

Priss is getting stronger.
She is having 3 hour Gymnastic practice twice a week!!!
She is doing hand stands, back up circles, and back handsprings.
Come see her. She loves spectators!!!!!

We will be leaving both of them in two weeks.
I'm worried about it.
I hope they will be okay.

I love them both so much.
Priss is such a good big sis.
Beaner toot is in love with priss.

This is what I wanted it to be like.

Hooray for girls.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Her head is now bigger than my boob.

she has grown that much. it is official.
her head is now bigger than my tit.

here are the things that are changing:
she has increasing eye/hand coordination.
for example...
she grasps her toys.
she plays with her feet... and eats them.

she sees what is coming.
for example...
i had an ice cream,
she opened her mouth for a lick.

she recognizes family.
for example...
she smiles and laughs and stops nursing when she sees them.

she is just big and long and strong.
for example...
she will stand with assistance for ever. it is her favorite.
she has rolled over several times from front to back.
she will sit up assisted.

we will refrain from feeding her any food other than breast milk until 6 months. i know this is the right decision. babies are rushed into food too early. i believe this to cause allergies and digestive issues.

we bought her this teething thing. it is a ring with a mesh bag on it. you can put a piece or fruit (later) or ice. OMG she loves the ice. we think who might be teething. and boy oh boy does she enjoy munching on this.

we visited tristan today in austin. this was his first time seeing the baby. she loved him. here are their photos. we love tris.

she is too big. and its freaking me out.

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