Friday, May 29, 2009

a letter to lo

dear beaner toot,

in five days you will have lived through six months of life. people say this time goes by fast, and perhaps it has. however this six months seems to have taken forever. your daddy and i feel like life has stood still since you came into our lives.

you have more than doubled your weight. you have gone from a little sleepy bean to a toot with a grin and a giggle. you have surprised us with your eagerness to see life while sitting up early. my weekdays at home with you are getting easier as you are getting older. you seem to like that you are able to see more. you now have one tooth up on the rise and a second one that should catch up in the next day or two. you have so many milestones yet to come, yet so many already reached. some one special said last week that "one can tell a baby that is loved." he said that your temperament and your personality, your laughter and constant smile from your eyes to your mouth displays the love that our family has. this is more than true. you are loved...

it is a little overwhelming to think of how fast time is moving. that in six more months you will have lived one entire year. that when giselle is 13 you will be 6. that when you are 20 mommy will be near 50.

beaner toot, our life has shifted to find a space for you. you are a perfect fit for our family. please maintain your health, your humor and your ability to nap... mommy needs you to nap... please!

i love you lola.
more than there are stars in the sky.
more than the number of kisses daddy will give you.
more than there will be hugs in your lifetime.
more than there will be teeth for you to grow.
more than the millions of things you will learn about.
more than there are cute outfits at gap/old navy/target.
more than there are baby design websites that mommy looks at.
more than the number of times we will say toot in your lifetime.
more than there are grinds in daddy's coffee.
more than there are words you will learn.
more than the number of times i will tell you "no".
more than the number of times you will tell ME "no".
more than there will be boys (or girls) that want to kiss you.
more than the amount of dollars you will ask to "borrow".
more than the times i will tell you,
i love you.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

cutting a tooth

Dah dahh,

I just wanted to tell you that I can not wait for our time together this weekend. I am excited to see a new part of Texas with you and Mommy and Sissy at Lake Palestine.

This week has been busy. I played with Mama while my teeth are slowly coming in. Sissy had a pool party that MaMa wanted to go to so I stayed at the house with Aunt Shannda. I love her and love Aleese so much!! She is so silly.
Mama missed you while you were at work. So do I. I want to have lunch with you more often.

We play a lot while you are at work. Want to see the photos??

I know you are proud that I cut my first tooth, but I am not so happy. The tooth hurts as it is growing in. Im sure I will have a lot of distractions this weekend.

Well, I will sleep with you tonight then see you after you get there tomorrow.
I love you, more than anything in this world.. other than mamas tit.

Duh, Love lola beaner toot.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

From this to that

Grapevines & snot on my shoulder.
Graduation & Breath taking views at the Chart House.
Visit at the ER & a game of LIFE.
Pebble Beach Golf Links & the highest stress I have felt in at least a year.
Sleepless nights & big sister bravery.

That is what we have been up to.

Jim and I celebrated on year married in California.
We visited Napa, Monterey & San Francisco.

When we returned, we discovered Lola was getting ill. We soon found ourselves in the ER and watched our Bean struggle through this traumatic time. Giselle stood brave and has been a star this week while Lola has needed to have more attention. Giselle had a stepping up ceremony and a field day. Next week we plan to take her out to play because she was such a good sport. Lola is getting better. She is still a snot head. Jim is beginning to not feel so hot. I really hope he stays healthy.

To Giselle: Im proud of you for owning your sister role this week.
To Lola Bean: Im so happy your are stronger and well now.
To my Husband: I thank you for the most rewarding and loving past year. I learned a lot this year.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lola & Mom out of breath...

Lola makes me happy.
I will be missing her and Giselle in the wine country.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Laughs & Tents

This little lady.... she amazed me yesterday. I read Girls Gone Child blog, and the day i watched Fable laugh, I was so excited to see the day I could see Lola laugh like that. I have tried everything. I have bounced, I have boo'd, I have peek-a-boo'd, I have boop'd. I have not been successful till now.

In other news.
Giselle is at her teachers house. They are having a sleepover. Everyone was so excited today. I can not wait to hear how it went tomorrow early!!!!
This is what it looked like at drop off.

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