Saturday, June 13, 2009

oh, lo

oh, my sweet sweet bean. you make me laugh. you are a "happy baby" they say. as i am proud. now, lets get to crawling!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

fifty percent of her

summer time has begun and i know this year it is going to be fun.
i am excited to spend my days with giselle. if you know me, you know our schedule with her is always something different. in the past few years there have been phases. times when she was with daddy more and times that she was with me more and back and forth again. this last year, i was thankful to have a little more stable schedule for her. even though i wish we could have got a little more daddy time in during the week, i think the time they did spend together were fun packed.

i learned something yesterday about giselle. i realized i dont know the "daddy's" giselle. i only know the "mommy's" giselle. and her life is quite different at the two locations. i want to know more about the other 50% of her. i want to know more about how she acts and food she chooses and everything in between. these thoughts came to the surface when i decided to take her to taco bueno for lunch. i was not feeling well yesterday and decided to take her to something fast for lunch. i think in her lifetime i have maybe taken her to a fast food place 3 to four times. (minus a desert trip) nevertheless, i learned what she orders from this place. a kids meal with a crispy taco with only meat and cheese and a root beer. the meal comes with cinnamon chips. she likes to open the taco and eat it on one side then eat the filling that fell out with the other side. she likes root beer a lot. and her favorite part is the cinnamon chips. she loves the sugar and cinnamon at the bottom and likes to lick the chip and dip it in the yummies.

it is strange. to not know parts of her. to not know what soda she likes. to not know what she would order at a restaurant. i could get upset about it, but there is no need. nothing will be changing any time soon, so i just have to get to talking with her. she has gained this level of maturity lately. we can have really neat conversations of a new level. she is fun to be around. i continue to have the opportunity to teach her how to be a genuine, kind, giving, moral individual through each day we spend together.

i look forward to watch her grow with her sissy, learn about life and become a young woman. i adore her. she is my pooty!!

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