Thursday, August 27, 2009

what sleep schedule?

back to our old sleep schedule. luckily we dont have to stroll her to sleep like she does. but i would not say what we have is much better. at least she has her bed. she is back to her usual. sleep by 8. wake with in an hour or two. refuse to sleep the remainder of the night in anything but my cleavage in OUR bed. it is adorable though. the way she falls asleep these days. she squeezes my tit and pushes on it. just like an animal with their mother. quite sweet and endearing. although i did not mention what she does with her other hand. my inner bicep is layered with small bruises the size of a dime or less.. she fancies pinching and punching the inner area of my upper arm. i used to think it was cute. NOT any more. after nine months. not so much. i would like her to stop. so when the plan was to cut out at least one nursing session. i think we may have added one due to her teething.

if i had it my way, i would be prancing her around all my friends, all jims co-workers, all the people we know. she will gladly add a smile to your face. she is so goofy and quick to attempt to make you laugh. she is way better than your lame-O therapist. i swear.

she is quite the different child. she putseverygoddamnthinginhermouth. she moves so fast that i dont know how she gets from the living room to the bathroom, to the kitchen to pulling up on me while i have a hot pot in hand cooking dinner. she is explorative. if that is a word. i have an issue with memories. as close friends may know. i dont remember all of what giselle was like during this time. it was only 7 years ago. WTF? but, i do remember her knowing what the word no meant. lola does not comprehend it just yet. she just smiles and laughs at me. all the while i think she is saying.... "who me? ha ha ha bull shit, im not going to stop this. it is way too much fun." in her head.

we have so much to look forward to. germs and all.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

when do i work?

more scheduling issues. not like before. i know how to handle giselle. husband. lola. willie. bilo. laundry. dinner. dusting. organizing. de-cluttering. facebook time. internet searching. design upkeep. school drop off/pick up. grocery shopping. texting. future planning. reading a fucking book every now and then. dishes. videography. interior design. clothes. dirty floors. plants. grass. showering. eating. working out. giving up the beauty of my tits up to nursing. day dreaming. socializing. family. blogging. photography. but i have one issue. my design business is booming.... when can i work? i have three free times, equaling 30-60 minutes a day for free time. most of which are filled with the above. now, since i have a customer or 10, i have to find time to design. and eventually create my OWN website so my clients can see i am legit and have talent. at what moment in the day do i include theworking/makingmoney/myfuture/mysanity/creativetime? not really sure. guess once i get paid i will use that money for a FUCKING nanny a couple hours once in a while.

on another note, here is my little lafayette to all my trueblood fans.


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