Sunday, December 20, 2009

The death of my father.

It has beet a while..

First it was my birthday, then it was busy times at school and home, then it was the death of my father, then it was the holidays. I am sorry to have left you for so long. But I can tell you, I am more than happy to begin again. So here we are. things have changed a bit since we have blogged. I have turned 28, and I became a girl with out a father.

I guess you could say i am just a widowed daughter, or a child who's father died. Im not really sure the terminology. What I can tell you is that I have a wonderful family.

Here is your brief update. My father died. He ultimately died of pneumonia/respiratory failure. In other words, DEPRESSION and the fact that when you are sad and can not get over it you will one day die of an unhappy heart. That is what happened to my father. Some time in 1998, things changed in his life. The love of his life left him. He just was unable to get over this and went down a spiral demise from this time forward.

So, today I can say, my dad died. He is dead. I can not bring him back to my life. And I HATE the idea and thought of DIVORCE. Even if you can be the most mature individuate you can be. This will suck for your kids.

I will write more about how I feel about my dad and his life that is not here anymore. But at this point, I am more sad than when I began. So I will begin another day. Love you all.


In dedication of my father.

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