Saturday, January 31, 2009

sprint vs. jog

we enjoy a brisk walk.
legacy was splendid today.
the weather could not have been better.
jenn had on great garb.
jim did sprints!
he thinks athleticism is higher in importance to cardiovascular exercises such as jogging.
lo could give a fuck. she just enjoyed the sun and the vibrations of mom trying to jog.

Friday, January 30, 2009

a date to the movies with big priss

priss deserves some time with just us. she is a great big sis but a new addition is hard to adjust to.
im so happy she is such a huge help with no jealousy!!! yay for big sisters!!!

where should we go next??

afraid of the light.....

we have learned Lo is not afraid of the dark like some...but afraid of the light... not really, however she needs darkness to fall to sleep comfortably. this was our makeshift way of doing that tonight downstairs while we ate din din.
just cover her eyes with her favorite blanket.

get to know Lo...

she was...
7lb 2oz and 18 in long on 12.03.08
today she is 10lb 14 oz and she has a cold.
she is happy and she is snotty.
she is talking and she is poopy.
she just may have red hair and she is not afraid of the dark.
she has baby acne and she adores her sissy.
she likes a shoulder and she hates her swing.
she likes her bath and hates to be tired.
she just discovered her ears and her tongue.
she doesnt nap on a schedule yet, but mommy is determined.
she sleeps with us right now, wakes on average two to three times to eat/get new panties.
she recognizes our voices, she prefers her sisters.
her favorite place to be.... her sling.

Watch the Jimifer's Grow

the brittain's are growing and planting our roots.
watch us as we share with you our moments of our daily life.
the brittain's are:

giselle (technically a "glass")

we are four
we are silly
we are chefs
we are crafty
we are analytical
we are busy
we are in need of a good night sleep
we are wine-O's
we are obsessed with technology
we are a blended family
we are amature photographers
we are new at this
we are joksters
we are nerds
we are the brittain's